How I Learned to Fall in Love with the City

Captured at Queen Street West & Adelaide

Though I couldn’t afford to be picky, I felt apprehensive looking for a job central downtown simply because I dreaded the idea of public transportation. A two-hour long commute being cramped in the subway, trying to maintain my balance to avoid flailing my arms into someone’s book or face, drove me to reason: I like my car and I especially like my space.

Seeing as I did land a job downtown and was definitely not going to fork $280.00 on a monthly parking pass, I knew I had to gain some new perspective.

Along the ride, I began to open myself up to the possibility of enjoying my commute. I became hyper-aware of my surroundings and made small discoveries which lead me to appreciate the hustle and bustle of our metropolis. Here are some things I’ve come to realize:

  1. It’s an Opportunity to Practise Kindness – No I am not suggesting you sprinkle your petty change to the homeless (though there’s no harm in giving, plus there are a lot of homeless). I’m talking about doing something as simple as offering your seat to the elderly or smiling at others. I’ve always been under the impression that I might be received negatively – what if they were offended by my gesture? The truth is, we could use a little more of these acts of kindness because it isn’t an insult. When the gentleman across the platform met my gaze and did a little wave, I flashed a smile. I knew that if nothing had gone right for the remainder of either of our days, at least we had a moment of happiness.
  2. Music is Better in the Subway – I don’t know about you, but having to press on my break peddle every two seconds during rush-hour, takes my focus away from being engaged with the music or podcast I’m listening to (though, this might have something to do with my inability to multi-task). I love listening to music uninterrupted. It gives me the chance to envision myself  as the lead in a music video. This becomes more true to life when I begin walking or pacing to the beat of the music, putting me in a terrific/fabulous/melancholy mood (depending on the song)!
  3. It’s Good Exercise – If there’s anything city-folk dislike, it’s slow walkers! Walking in and out of the subway has trained me to become a better speed-walker. If you think you’re okay to stand on the escalators without getting trampled on or scowled at, think again. This is especially beneficial for those of you who work 9-5 desk jobs. Commuting in the city forces you to move.

These are small differences, but if you take notice, they can make a huge impact on sending you off into the city with a more optimistic outlook!